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med mal or not?

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What is the name of your state? FL

I am wondering if my doctors have been negligent and would like some feedback.

In May 1995 I went to my family general practice doctor complaining of not feeling right...didn't know if it was a cold etc. We discussed family history and I let him know that thyroid problems were rampant in my family. He immediately ordered blood work on my thyroid.

When the results came back he said, and I quote, "Your TSH Level (thryoid stimulating hormone) regulator is high, way off the scale, I have never seen this before and am not sure of how to proceed. I do not know what this means. However, I think we should put you on synthroid medication at a low level and we will monitor it and see what the changes are. We will get it straight."

Of course, I did not think to start reading about thyroid etc. I was feeling different but not that much and was confident in the doctor.

Later, the same doctor informed me through more blood work that I had hyperthyroidism.....and he adjusted the dosage of synthroid.I went on as usual taking my pill every day.

I was never told what any problems with having thryoid problems can do. IE, mimick depression, cause memory and concentration problems, and generally wreak havic on all parts of your body in various ways. I was never told that when you are hyper or hypo throid that these are symptoms of a disease; either Graves' disease or Hashimoto's disease-neither was ever investigated.

Now I am hypothyroid which exhibits completely different symptoms than hyperthyroid. I have had a couple of black outs, double vision, dizziness, on and on.....

I do not trust my memory. I have been late and early for work for not getting the schedule straight-not being able to concentrate on the dates on the calendar where I write my schedule.

About 4 years ago, the initial diagnosing doctor left that practice to move right next door in a different field of medicine. If I recall, I believe it is skin disorders or some such. The new doctor merely continued blood work and adjusting of the meds. However, after 6 months of no order of blood work from him, I ordered it myself. I am still hypothryoid. He has me on yellow and I do not weight 135 pounds. He still cannot tell me what the initial onset was and does not appear to have plans for more testing (graves or hashimotos). It took me 3 times to have this office research my files and tell me again when the initial onset was. They kept trying to tell me it was 2001. I said, "hmm, I have been coming to this office since Doctor D was here 7 years ago.......look back further."

My life is upside down because of this. Had I known more I could have been doing more as in avoiding certain foods etc....nothing was ever discussed with me. It has been treated nonchalantly-no big deal when it is a big deal!!

Please tell me what you think and if any one feels this may be grounds for medical mal-practice? I have been a ginny pig for medicine 3 times in my life ==not counting this but those were beyond my control and my consent...so i know that a lot of medicine is guess work......

I look forward to your responses.


Laura Smith

P.S. I am currently still being treated for this by the second doctor so I don't think a statute of limitations would be running yet???
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