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Mobile home on someone else's property

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Can the owner of the land that my new mobile home is on make me obey her rules

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And you thought that was a good idea?


The worse part of the bad idea.

All other things being equal, you can invite anybody you want on to or in to the property you occupy. Though if your invitees are doing damage to the land owner's property, that's another story.

Ultimately, yes. You and your partner are tenants. Your tenancy can be terminated. It would probably require a longer notice period since it's a mobile home.

If mother convinces daughter to get a restraining order against you then, yes, you can be removed from your own home and it's likely the police or sheriff will remove you with only a few minutes notice.

Beyond that, the mother's attempts to control or demand are nothing but hot air (except for potential termination of tenancy) and you are free to ignore them.

I would hope that your partner is taking your side against the mother. If not, then your relationship is doomed and you'd better come up with an exit strategy that preserves your stake in the mobile home.

Explain how all this strife got started.
The more learned reading replys tonight , to my situation , I can honestly say No it was not a good idea. Can't blame anyone but myself for not using my brain and researching or at least asking for advice and using common sense . Maybe this discussion can be useful to others. Thank you for all replys


Don’t lose all hope

Any possibility of moving the home to property you own or willing to purchase?

It may take a bit of a fight but if you paid for the home it would be inequitable for the mother to benefit from the issue as it has transpired. A retired title can be reconstituted.

I would suggest sitting down with an attorney. They may be able to chart a path to undoing what you’ve done.

There is no real voting. You can like a post but that’s all the rewards we receive. The folks here do it for the enjoyment of helping others and in my case, for personal edification as well.
Thanks again for your reply, no it wouldn't be an option to move our home with all the additional improvements and add ons . And I don't expect to be put out of my home any time in the near future , I asked advice today because I realized too late that I didn't know my rights or laws about real estate . I assumed I was an owner of a home , I guess love and hope and trust blinded me from using the advice I give others . Know the facts before making a decision . Do the research , but I didn't , that's a fact . But on the Brightside if it does get taken away at least it won't be a surprise , yep I can say I knew this could happen , like I said Thank you for helping me to learn today ,


If your partner is a coowner of the property, who cares what the mother offered. She has no authority to demand anything as long as her daughter allows you to have your mobile home on HER property.

Since you stated your partner is an owner as well as her mother, then both of them are equally liable for the taxes.

It was nice of you to give your home to your partner and her mother though. Since it has no title and has been attached to real property, it now becomes the property of the land owner. That was surely nice of you. I suggest you be very nice to your girl there or you could find yourself down the street without a home while she lives in it and waves as you walk by.
Now that I think about it her mom is always saying He is a nice guy. Lol. Not really funny but isn't that a quote or and old saying. Nice guys always finish last. Made me smile thinking about that. And only fools rush in. Maybe that one fits better for me. Thanks hope I didn't break any rules on this site , by responding the way have. If so please inform me. I'm gonna become an informed well read , person as grow older , and I'm gonna do something good this week to help another human being , and expect nothing in return, I'm alive , healthy , I am blessed


Obvious Observer
Wow was I stupid , I thought I was sorta smart , I put a lot of my retirement savings in cash to make sure I had a home paid for and rent free to enjoy my old age and be secure fortunately my partner and I get along well but , that leaves me with fear. That if she passes before me her greedy kids will take my home if mom doesn't first. Thanks. I'm really stressed now I guess the truth and facts hurt sometimes.
You and she should consider getting wills. If she has a will leaving you the home and her share of the property it's on, or even just life tenancy, the mom and kids don't get to just kick you out if your partner passes.

(If you break up, you can have your wills rewritten.)


Senior Member
Daughter may be able to will you her interest just in case she passes first ....plus execute a written lease with you for day 30 years for some modest amount and said lease gets recorded ...details of what might work can get rather state specific ..especially as to long term leases.

Is your partners deed with mom a tenants in common or joint with right of survivor deed ?

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