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Music Cds

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I am wanting to create a music cd for my class reunion later this year.
I have about 20 MP3 song from the Internet that I was going to copy to a music CD.
There are about 400 people asking for a copy of this CD!
If I sell the cd at cost do I have to pay a copyright fees on the music?
If I sell the cd for a profit, how much has to go to the copyright fees?
Where and How do I pay the copyright fees?
Do I need a permit or license to make the music cd's?




You are getting into a very tricky area..mp3 was just sued for hundreds of MILLIONS of $$$ for copyright infringement.

I am a dj and this is what i know, you can make copies just like you are doing, and can sell them for the cost of the CD...thats it.

So go and buy the best cdr's I use Apogee CD 74 GAJ, i get them for $2.49 each at the Guitar Center and they are Gold/gold they are mad for archiving music..supposed to last 100 years!

So Anything over that amount you are making a profit, and thats Illegal unless you have permission from the owners to make the compilation. And that can be very expensive, and who knows someone may not want to give you permission to use the song. And you probably would have to charge $30 and up for the cd. then how many would buy it?

So do it as a present to your class, and get the reunion comittee to buy the CDR's for you.

Copying 400 cd;s will take forver unless you have access to a high spped cd duper, or the new Harmon Kardon dual cdrecorder is like $550, and it copies at 4 times speed , so a 60 minute cd take 15 minutes to make.


And more.....if you use a consumer cdr, to copy them you must use consumer cdr's for audio only, it has a copy managemt system, so you cannot make another digital copy from a copy.

Maxell has a cdr 10 pak for $19.99 with jewel case.


I am a law school graduate. What I offer is mere information, not to be construed as forming an attorney client relationship.

Well, even at cost can sometimes be a problem. What happens is you get into the are of mutliple copyright infringements -- downloading mp3's is one, because it is a digital copy on your computer hardrive, burning onto a cd burner, another copy and then distributing without permission, another infringement.

Copyright law is not that cut and dry folks. I specialize in music and copyright law --> if an investigator wants to prosecute, they know just how to get around it.


I beg to differ, how can you violate copyrights if there is no profit?

And dont get me started on this lawrat...

The BIGGEST price-fixing scandal is on compact discs, Billions each year and NONE of you lawyers HAVE A CLUE!

Also there is discrimination against AMERICANS by the record companies, they sell current compilation cd's all over the world EVEN RUSSIA, but illegal to make here.

Why does MP3 even exist? It should'nt exist at all ......

But in reponse to the illegal price fixing, and lack of available material which they release overseas only, and we have to pay DOUBLE ($30+) to get these cd;s imported her..PLUS the record companies have stauchly refused to have kiosk set up ..the technology is available to copy proof a CD, and have available ALL OF THE BILLBOARD TOP HIT SONGS FOR THIS WEEK Available for DOWNLOAD for say $19.99 for a 74 minute cd of your favorite songs.

So you tell me what is the hardest song to get on cd?

Its Chubby Checker's "The Twist" IN MONO!, It is ILLEGAL for any American company to put it on a CD, so they had him go back and recreate it in STEREO!

But in Canada England Gernmany it is legal to put it on a cd and ship it ot America.

So lawrat to bad you dont live in NYC, i could teach you a few things, and work for you!


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