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Nerve Agent Millionaires

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My family got rich from injecting me with nerve agents

I need to start a massive lawsuit against individuals and the institutions that paid them

My family took a deal where they immigrated to america and were enriched from:

bringing people into the world and injecting them with nerve agents that give them permanent brain damage

With the money, they purchased homes, buildings, businesses, endless food, cars, jewelry, long term wealth, a lifestyle carried out by high income earners

The nerve agents what it did to me: altered sexuality, mental illness, cancer, tumor, lowered bone density, teeth falling out early on, a life of sickness/debt/suffering/lonliness/ on and on

I do remember them injecting me with heroin, in order to make me have to go through withdrawal, that changed my mind tremendously

My family had 6 children, 5 of them were injected, one died, 4 are living a down syndrome type of life, but 1 is a millionaire holding 5-10 million

He was not injected, and they bought him building and he was tremendously successful because:

they made so much money from injecting his siblings, that they were able to buy buildings/live in luxury/in areas where there is opportunity, and that allowed him to amass big wealth

He went on to collect heroin money, and he even makes hiding compartments for heroin dealers to this day

Imagine, he got rich from his siblings being injected with nerve agents that put people in wheelchairs, then he proceeds to collect heroin/fentanyl money destroying our societies

His whole life is paid for by needles going into people around him

I want to sue:

that brother:make the the argument that I paid for his success and I need a third of it

my mom: she has collected 5-8 million dollars from injecting her children with nerve agents, not counting for inflation, she got paid about 1-2 million per child

my dad: he was brought and lived an entire life in america by turning his children into mentally ill homosexuals, and used that money to start businesses/live in luxury

My dad is very sick individuals working for the other side, big details:

He forced my mom to pay other women to sleep with him because:

His reasoning to my mom: "If I got you pregnant and got you rich from putting needles in them, for participating in this crime, then you have to allow me to have sex with others and even pay for it from the needle money"

To me: they are an out of control paedophile operation, end of day, sticking needles in everyone they can, for them to come up, a homosexual creating operation, working for the one world government

list of all lawsuits: mom, dad, brother, brothers business, all their assets, also, the company that paid my mom

another detail: I have about 100 cousins that were also injected

total collected from their group: 200-300 million dollars in 80s money...

One company paid all of them, it is documented somewhere...

Shoot from the hip, and say what your thoughts are

Edit also later: I would like to expand lawsuits against on uncles, aunts, associates walking around with their retarded child (i remember that often as a kid)

I have an uncle that had 12 kids: half of them are dead and were in wheelchairs before dying in early 20s, some are fully disabled/mentally ill, maybe 2 of his children are normal

This uncle had a big effect, he was the one that found the deal that brought the rest of the family, he coached my mom to do this task

Some of these individuals are holding 10-20 million, big real estate portfolios, land in multiple countries, big homes

please help find lawyer, big $ reward


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Wow, what an amazing story. Unfortunately, your matter goes far beyond the scope of this, or any, internet forum. I would suggest that you seek help from a mental health professional so that you can prove that you are not delusional, then look for an attorney.

I am recommending that this thread be locked, as it is far beyond what we can help with.

EDITED TO ADD: This is not a referral site.
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