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What is the name of your state? What is the name of your state? Missouri
We have been taking our son to a dentist for about 3.5 years for orthodontics.He has been in braces for 2.5 years and is now 12 years old.The dentist gave us a bill when we started seeing him 3.5 years ago for 4,500.00.Insurance paid about 1,000.00 and we have paid about 2,500.00 over time leaving a balance of 1,000.00. We have not been to pleased with the length of time this has taken thus far and that no improvements are noticeable.We decided to take him to an Orthodontists that friends have recommended to see if he would take over where this dentist has left off and give him the remaining 1,000.00. The Orthodontist we took him to has advised us that we should take our son back to the first dentist and have him remove the braces as it was started way too early.The Orthodontist told us that our son had 4 more teeth to come out yet and that could take a couple of years. He also stated that since all of the teeth had not came down the need for the braces was not there. He advised us that when the 4 remaining teeth come down that his teeth could very well come together without the need for orthodontics at all.Has anyone heard of something like this happening before. The second Orthodontist we took him to also stated that dentist # 1 did not go to Orthodontics school and is unaware of a lot of stuff regarding Orthodontics.He said our son has went through 3.5 years of unnecessary Orthodontics and he needs those braces out of his mouth.We asked him if he would take over treatment and he said there was no treatment needed. Our son very well could not even need Orthodontics as its too early to tell.What if anything can we do regarding the money we have paid thus far and if this was not needed treatment is this malpractice?? 3.5 years our son has been going to that dentist once a month for no reason other than to make a payment. Thanks for any feedback!!!!!


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This is the appropriate section, but if you had posted this in family law, you'd have received many replies! There are many parents with children who have braces for years and years and thousands of dollars in payments for the braces.

I suggest that you take the child to a regular dentist and have the dentist evaluate your child's teeth and the need for braces.

It does seem as though someone has not followed the expected plan of treatment. Usually, by age 12-13, if a child's baby teeth have not come out (without intervention), the teeth are pulled so that the permanent teeth can come through; sometimes, that is done even at an earlier age. Usually some kind of dental appliance holds the spaces open until the permanent teeth come in. Braces, maybe not, but an appliance similar to a retainer.

Once you have the child seen by a regular dentist and if the opinion is that the child never needed braces or orthodontics for any reason, you may want to consult with an attorney.

You can verify if the orthodontist has a license to practice dentistry and orthodontics by calling your state's licensing board for dentists. If the dentist is licensed or certified as an orthodontist, then he went to school for the same. If he is not licensed or certified as an orthodontist, you may wish to inform the board that he is practicing orthodontics without being board certified and ask if it is required in your state. If it is required to be board certified in order to practice orthodontics in your state and he is not, consult with an attorney at your earliest convenience.

Best wishes,


Thank you so much for your reply! We did take our son to a State Certified Orthdontist and he told us to go back to the first Dentist and demand him to take the braces out as he had no need for braces and our son needed a break from 3.5 years of unecessary Orthodontics. The licensed Orthodontist informed us that first dentist was not Certified in Orthodontics.I guess we should have did our homework.However I will do some research to validate wether or not first dentist is certified and if he is required by law to be. Again Thanks Ellencee for your reply!! Aaron

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