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What is the name of your state? Illinois

We are renting a house that has a rather large garage. The owners use it as storage for their cars and other items. It essentially has 6 bays and is in the shape of an "L". We only get one bay for our storage for whatever we want and all the bays are connected. We also have 2 vehicles and have to park them in from of two of these bays. This garage is larger than the house we rent.

Our problem is the landlord allowing people to store their things there too. We have no problem with that as long as they don't take up our space. What we have a problem with is them coming onto the property whenever they feel they need something. We don't get a call about the landlord coming or anyone he "lends" the garage. People that have items in there come at all times and turn the lights on. The electric is hooked up to the house and we end up paying for it. There are only 2 ways into the garage and we only have a key for the garage door and not the entry. We have to walk through just to get to a switch.

What action can we take? When people are out there, I tell them to come to the door to tell us what they are doing because we have no idea who they are. No one ever has. We have valuable antiques in that garage that wouldn't fit into the house and we have no control over who goes in. We are also concerned about our vehicles. These people come in to get their stuff and have to walk past our vehicles because of the driveway set up. We would move them but no one comes to tell us what is going on till it is too late and they usually park right behind the vehicle that needs to be moved.

I am so frustrated because the only privacy we get is in the bathroom, and that is only because there are no windows. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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What does your lease say as to the garage space? does the lease specify one space in it or is it not mentioned? AS far as the electricity to it goes if your paying the bill for it turn it off at the main and lock the lid if its at a outside panel. OR shut off the garages main if its in the house. You may have to consider finding another way to secure your things like a rented secure storage pod that is dropped at the property by one of those rental firms.


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The lease doesn't specifically say anything about the garage and how much space we get. He just gave us the key to the one bay and told us that is what we get. Actually, he didn't tell us. I wasn't living there at the time. I moved in right before we were married.

The landlord coming in and using the electricity isn't a problem because he is responsible enough to turn it off. We just don't like strangers coming in whenever and we don't realize till they are gone. Those people come in through an entry door but still have access to all the garage bays.

We would rent a portable storage unit but we are in a smaller town and it would be very expensive to get one from another city. I don't think it would be worth the hastle to rent one not knowing when someone is coming or how often.

The turning off of electric is a good idea. I hadn't thought of it. I'll do just that. If the landlord has a problem, he can just tell us when he wants in. Tough! lol

I still want to know if we have any right to privacy in our own yard. I feel like these people are trespassing. It is just infuriating when these people come in like they own the place and deserve to just walk all over.

P.S. We are moving out in 2 months because of the lack of privacy.
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