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Thrown in cell for skateboarding

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Me and my friend were coasting down the street trying to get to a friends house when we see a cop. I imidatly get off my board. My friend notices them about 2 secs later and the cop pulls over. I hid my board in a bush by this time . There were 2 cops . A girl cop got out of the car and came to talk to me . She asked me why i went to the bush in a tone that she was thinking it was drugs. I told her it was my board and she didnt take it. But my friend wasnt so lucky he got a cop that thought he was king. Withought giving him a chance he took his board. My friend pleeded just to get off on a warning but he didnt say anything. My friend now in a bad moode started to walk away with me . He looked at me and said . I hate ****ing cops. Then quickly the guy cop heard that and ran over took my friend and put him under arest not telling him anyhthing. My friend fought back . But the cop[ just kept on getting more and more agresive throwing him up against the car , throwing him on the ground ect. I was all alone with no ride home now. So i asked the cop if i could get a ride with him to the station to wait for my friend. He stared at me and yelled NO!

Thinking on my way to nowhere i thought that the cop was a little to agressive , so i went to the station to complain. I arrived and talked to the girl cop once again and she told me to sit down on the bench and wait for my friend after i gave her my adress name phone # ect. The guy cop walked out of a confrence room and just stared at me . He looked and me and he goes "whats your name" i said justin he said "justin?" i said somebody. If you want to know then go ask that girl cop i told her most everything. He got mad and told me to get out 1st time and i tried to explain that the girl cop said i could stay but he interupted and he said get out for the 2nd time and then grabbed me . I said "dont touch me I'll leave" he went to push me out the door still with his hand on me and i said i had to get my bopard still. and then he said ur getting ur board then leaving. I said "I know Thats why i'm getting my board" then he goes "thats it" took me by boath hands said nothing. He tried to push me through theise doors but i fought back because i didnt know what i was going in for. we kept on fighting for a bit with him getting more violent each time i rebelled . he threw me up agains the glass windos and doors to take me under controll. at the end of the scrap his watch was broken i had 2 cuts on my arm from him and a couple of bruises. He sat me in this room and told me to take my stuff off. I said why am i in here and he just grabbed my hat and ripped it off my head and said keep going. After stuff like watches was off he through me in a cell with no toilet just a concreat bench and a video camera and a big medal door with a small window. i waited for around 1 hour in there . He got me and was transfering me to another cell but then i asked for my phone call and he said no . then i told him that he wasnt being fair and he said i could only call a lawer . By trhe time we got to the p hone he asked for my home phone# he called my mom and let me talk . She couldent get me for like another 3 hours. So he got on the phone and sucked up to her by saying that he can drive me home . she took it and i got put back into a cell for about another 15 min . Everytime i tried to tell him something he told me that he was right i was wrong. he came and got me after 15 20 min and he told me he was charging me for skateboardin witch is ironic because he didnt charge me before at the scine of the crime. And is also ironnic because u cant put a kid in a cell for skating. He then took me hom e. and my parents took his side . Even though i know he is unfair and didnt do his job right.
Somebody please help me out
and respond


ps i got a court date for skateing.



Hey, yeah, I used to skateboard all the time and always got treated like that. I don't know what the deal is, but there isn't a whole lot you can do, really, without a lawyer as far as I know.. of course, I'm not a lawyer. It definatly sounds like your parents should get involved and find out why you and your friend were treated so criminally, when you WERE NOT out doing drugs.


I just want to know if there is anything i can do to this guy . If he did anything wrong . He treated us not the right way and he;; get away with it so please help me .



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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by henbob:
I just want to know if there is anything i can do to this guy . If he did anything wrong . He treated us not the right way and he;; get away with it so please help me .


My response:

1. You can go back to the police station and demand a complaint form. Write everything you said to us here (but, try to clean up your grammar and punctuation) and don't use any slang terms. The complaint may be acted upon; however, it will stay in his permanent personnel file, which will be looked upon, again and again, as he tries to get raises or promotions.

2. See an attorney for your Constitution issues and damages.


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