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Tired of being ran around

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buddy rausch

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What is the name of your state? ohio

In November of 2004 , I started expierencing pain and complications with my hands and arms , I went to the local hospital , was treated for sore muscles and released.The pain and complications never stopped , returned to the local emergency room , was once again told the same diagnosis and released. Made an appointment with my family physician, was told it was sore muscles and maybe a pinched nerve, nothing was done but refer me to a physical therapist.The physical therapist tried many treatments, none worked, she , herself, spoke to family physican and advised him to check out my neck area. Another appointment with my family physican, checked out , said nothing was wrong , gave me a steroid shot for my shoulder , and was sent back to physical therapist.Once again she tried many diffrent things to assist me to get rid of the pain and to regain control of my hands , was unsuccesful. She , again informed my family physican, once again, to check out my neck area.He reffered me to a Orthopedic Surgeon who then ordered a MRI, come to find out i have two disc in my neck herniated. I have had all sorts of test ran, cannot remeber all of them at this time.Have been told many different diagnosis, sore muscles, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, herniated disc, etc . I have had the physical therapy treatments, steroid shots (4), oral steroids, pain killers etc.My last visit was to the Orthopedic Surgeon on 8 - 30 - 05 , the latest diagnosis was 2 herniated disc in my neck, not bad enough to do anything with, in his standards yes, but on my pain level no, and pinched nerves in both of my elbows, maybe a pinched nerve in my neck.Was told another test was needed. During all this time i have been off work because of the inability to use my hands and arms properly and because of the pain. I have received short term disability payments from place of employment, but those were no where even close to what i would have made if things were fixed and i was working full time.During this time , my company gracioulsy payed my health insurance, as i have to repay them, and i was unable to make my child support payments, one cannot live on 266 a week this day and age.On 8 - 22 - 05 my health insurance was cancelled, my short term disability was cancelled. I may not understand if I have a grievence here even but i am asking for advice, because of the inept diagnosing of many physican involved i lost money, was in severe pain ( and still am ),had a real tough time paying my utilities , rent , buying food etc.I guess my main reason for writing this letter is that i am mad, if the doctors would have listened to begin with this problem would have been taking care of a long time ago and things would be as they should be. I thank you for your time in reading this. And if you have any suggestions or think you may be able to help me please contact me .
Thank You,
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>>because of the inept diagnosing of many physican<<

How were they "inept"? Sounds like they went through the gambit of possibilities with you.

Are your symptoms steadily getting worse and more areas of you body affected?


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What type of work do you do? Is this a work related injury?
It sounds as if you have received appropriate, referal, diagnosis and treatment for mild herniated disc. Are you eligible for FMLA?


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buddy rausch
I hope you will change your perspective. What you have been told is that you need to go back to work now and learn how to live with the discomforts associated with having two herniated disc that do not represent a threat to the rest of your body. How can that be a bad thing?

I believe the opinion of the surgeon would be the same whether rendered 2 or 3 months earlier (timely referral).

Are you saying you lost the wages you would have earned if you had received a timely referral because you would have returned to work earlier? I think you'd have to show that as soon as you learned you did not need surgery that you went back to work ASAP.

Take advantage of a no-charge consultation with a medmal attorney and talk it over.

You listed the exact sequence of treatment that doctors take even WITH immediate knowledge of bulging disks. Care always moves from least invasive to most invasive treatment.... Usually, anti-inflamatories (like motrin), rest, and a muscle relaxant. Followed by physical therapy, pain killers (like percocet) then steroid injection. Lastly, surgery. It is truly maddening how long this sequence can take. Appointments, imaging, md and radiologist reports, referrals...(yes, he can see you in 2 weeks...) I'm sorry this worked out like that, but it IS standard care. I can see nothing unusual about your event log. I was an orthopedic nurse for 10 years, and my spouse is currently going through your same series of hoops to get his herniation resolved. Good luck. I hope you get relief soon. Cervical surgery would go a long way to making you feel better!

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