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What can I do?

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What is the name of your state? What is the name of your state? Ohio

I have a daugher that is 8 years old. She spends 3.5 days a week with me and the same with her mother. For the past 3 years she has been coming here with lice in her hair. We call her mother and try to get help with the problem, but she acts like we are crazy. This last week her mother checked her head and told my 8 year old child that she did not have lice and that we are taking it from our head and putting it in hers. She then proceeded to check her sisters, and find and clean the lice out of it. Needless to say when she came today, she had lice still, and was upset about her mother telling her the lice was from our hair. She is old enough to know that the lice we pull is staright out of her head, we show her the lice so she knows what is going on. She told us that her mother cussed about my sife, and told her this lire about the lice coming from us. My daughter is spending at least one of her days that she should be with her mother, at her aunts house because her mother works, and her step father isnt there to watch them. The apartment that they live in is infested with roaches. They have changed her schools over twice now, do to them moving. Her step father has been arrested for a few things that I do not know much about, but my daughter has heard them talking about it.

The other side. We have moved 3 times in the past 2 years, and have now settled down and bought a house. I work and my wife of 2.5 years works part time so she can be home with my youngest daughter. She is with my duaghter most the time because I work long hours. I have never been arrested or anything like that. We are behind on child support due to the fact that when we had my daughter when I was 15, I was ordered to pay CS but could not legally work in Ohio, so it added up. I am current for the past 4 years, and I pay extra every week to catch this up. When she is here my daughter spends all her time with us, she has lots of friend here, and she has recently started telling us she would rather live here. She has told us about how her sisters and her sometimes feel like they want to die because of the lice and roaches and etc.

What can I do other then keeping a log of these things? Do I have enough to go to court and get custody? Is there anything I can do to change the lice deal? We have contacted everyone we can, and they all seem to not care so much about lice, only about physical abuse. I am thinking that the lice, the roaches, the unstable living environment, the moving, and now the verbal abuse of myself and my wife by her mother telling her we are putting lice in her hair from ours....is this enough???? Help please.

Thank you.

Well, it's certainly up to you, whether you want to try and get physical custody of your child due to a lice infestation. However, it's not much to go on. Generally, a judge needs to see a substantial "change in circumstances" in a child's current living situation- making a change in custody beneficial to the child's wellbeing.

If you believe the child is living in unsanitary or unhealthy conditions, or if you believe the mother is abusive or neglecting the child - and can document this (that's really important) - then by all means, go for it.

If the kids are taken care of, but have a nasty case of head lice - that's probably not going to be enough to convince a judge to change things.

Usually the school will send a child with head lice home, and won't allow the child back in until the lice are gone. I know. My kid had head lice once - nearly drove me nuts until those little critters were dead.

Good luck!


If they are living with roaches and filth as you mentioned, then it sounds like neglect. Document the lice and go file for modification of custody. It's disgusting that that bio-mom is doing nothing to help the situation and instead is blaming you.

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