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Whistleblower-life threatened-quit

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space ranger

Junior Member
What is the name of your state? north carolina

What do you think my chances are of receiving unemployment benefits based on the following. Resources are low now so hiring an attorney would be a stretch for me.

I was a Vice President of a company and a whistleblower in 2005 - provided info to the executive level of the corporation about wrongdoing. I cooperated with legal, audit and executive level for many months providing information. The investigation was handled poorly by them with little regard or concern for my day to day situation. It was done in such a way that it was obvious that I was the whistleblower. Other managers came forward with simiar information on the department head. Subtle threats to my life were made by vendors of the department head and things turned messy.

My health suffered drastically - Deeply depressed, afraid, I was on antidepressants, visits to doctors, gained weight as a result. I had no option but to hire an attorney and negotiate leaving which I did. The Senior VP was subsequently demoted just after I left and he left the company - they forced him out.

As part of my arrangement, I left the company last fall but was paid for additional months which ended early in 2006. I have still been unable to find a job. I am in my late forties and no remaining manager at that department will give me any kind of work reference - I'm resourceful and not complaining but just stating facts.

I did quit before I had another job but only because the situation that was allowed by the corporation to continue (this had been brought to executive management's attnetion several yrs ago - nothing done) had created a terrible work environment, the investigation handled poorly, my life threatened. etc etc. etc.What is the name of your state?


I'm a Northern Girl
I think your chances would have been better if you'd applied immediately after you left, or at least immediately after your severance pay stopped.

space ranger

Junior Member
whistleblower -

Thank you for responding.

I was paid through February 2006 but left September 1. Officially I was still employed until February 28 with full benefits - I continued to receive a check. There really wasn't any severance pay - I just didn't have to go into the office for six months.

In March, I received an incentive plan bonus (which was also agreed to when I left) for approx 8700. I checked the employment commission website at that time and it stated that payments such as this would also be considered in determining when benefits would begin. I suppose I was trying to be as honest as possible and use funds that I received from the bank before applying for unemployment.

What do you think?
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I'm a Northern Girl
The same as I thought before. You would have had a better chance of receiving unemployment if you had applied September 2 or March 1. They would have taken that incentive bonus into consideration - they might have amended your benefit initially or they might have set a start date for you to collect sometime in future. (And when you receive pay without having to come into the office and you have a specific date already that your "employment" ends, guess what, pal, that's severance, whether they call it that or not.)

I'm not saying you won't get it; I don't know if you will or not. I'm saying that IF you do, you'll likely have to fight for it harder than you would have if you'd applied previously.


Senior Member
Regardless, it doesn't cost you anything but time to apply so why not give it a try.

This may be one of those change of life things some of us have the "joy" of going through. Look at different carrears in other industries, start your own business, look into something you've always wanted to do.

space ranger

Junior Member

Thanks Gadfly - things are looking up the past month or so - its just that bank account is getting small - never occured to me to file unemployment because I had money - don't know how to work the system evidently. I would rather do anything that file unemployment - when you have kids, you swallow your pride. - I have filed unemployment and will give it a shot unless something gels before then.

I couldn't recommend what I did to anyone. I thought I would be a hero, the white knight - silly me - no one wanted near me during or after - you know job security.

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