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  1. TheGeekess

    Wrong item sent as replacement for my defective item

    No, you are not entitled to keep/sell the headset. Send it back. :unsure:
  2. TheGeekess

    Proving Parental Alienation

    'Buds Gurl'. What an unusual name for a man to choose.
  3. TheGeekess

    High School Diploma and Transcripts Name Change

    I've not ever done that (and I've been married and divorced three times). Traditionally,. when a woman marries and takes her husband's last name, her maiden name is used as a middle name.
  4. TheGeekess

    Wife died - who should receive benefits?

    https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10085.pdf https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10084.pdf https://www.ssa.gov/planners/survivors/ifyou.html
  5. TheGeekess

    AZ- Relinquish Parental Rights - on BC / DNA not bio dad

    Down the street, you are Dad's friend. Here you are Dad. :unsure:
  6. TheGeekess

    Child support Florida

    Child support ends when the court order says it ends. For most states in the US, that would be when the child attains the age of majority (18-21 years old). This is assuming, of course, that your parents were divorced in the US, since this site deals with US law only.
  7. TheGeekess

    I know someone who's using their child's ssn for a utility bill.

    I understand that. I doubt the vendor knows the age of the account holder. I was merely giving a legitimate reason why there might be new accounts set up at a given location under another 'first name different, last name the same'.
  8. TheGeekess

    I know someone who's using their child's ssn for a utility bill.

    I can think of at least one legitimate reason. As soon as my Young Adult can pay half the mortage and the bills, I'm going to empty nest her. The bills here will have to be put in her name.
  9. TheGeekess

    Ex filed contempt/custody modification less than one month after previous modification finalized

    Actually, that is not entirely true. While a judge will listen to a 14 year old, best interests of the child now come into play. This is to stop parents from bribing their 14 year old children into living with them. https://codes.findlaw.com/ga/title-19-domestic-relations/ga-code-sect-19-9-3.html
  10. TheGeekess

    Complex out of state move... Alabama

    If Mom were still in Bama, she would have a shot at keeping the child in the state. However, Mom does not live in Bama anymore, so there is no reason the State would do that.
  11. TheGeekess

    Pamphlets under windshield wipers

    There's only like a million municipalities in JeffCo. Mountain Brook would have you hanged, while Brighton would not care. Fairfield would help you if you paid them.
  12. TheGeekess

    Daughter wants to change high schools

    And suddenly, Mom is an alcoholic narcissist and the rest of the plot thickens. :unsure:
  13. TheGeekess

    Bought something on craigslist and has problems with it.

    OP could have purchased a new PC and had problems within hours as well. I delivered and set up a PC and had to go out the next day because it wasn't booting. The CPU fan wasn't fastened on. This was just out of the box brand-new. But, there was a solution - HP replaced that PC.
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