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  1. TheGeekess

    Can a Judge suspend a non-custodial parent's parental rights and visitation rights due to that parents failing to appear due to a vehicle breakdown?

    I think the judge gave you a break. If judge said 'motion TO leave (instead of FOR) then it means that the judge was reserving judgment because you weren't there. You need to find out if the hearing has been rescheduled.
  2. TheGeekess

    bogus charges

    Online services are not reliable. I would tend to think the mistakes were because of similar/same names and not identity theft.
  3. TheGeekess

    Both parents against the attorney general

    You owe for that time.
  4. TheGeekess

    Both parents against the attorney general

    You owe the State for the time that your daughter was on Medicaid. How long was that?
  5. TheGeekess

    Telemedicine Licensing

    We have several several telemedicine devices in the hospital system that I work in. Mostly, they are used for psychiatric consults.
  6. TheGeekess

    Child support payment

    Get a court order and pay her through the courts. Courts don't monitor where the money goes once the receiving parent gets it. If you wish to give her more than the court order, you can do that.
  7. TheGeekess

    Banned from forum for "soliciting" - contact legal team of company?

    When you are using someone else's servers, you don't have 'Free Speech'. The 1st Amendment prevents Congress from restraining free speech, not some dude on the interwebs who owns/rents a server and allows people to post on a website hosted on said server. They can ban anyone for any reason and...
  8. TheGeekess

    Relocation out of state and visitation

    Well, what did you expect? Nobody posting knows your judge nor the atmosphere of the court . If you want to find out what will happen in front of your judge, pay your attorney to answer your questions.
  9. TheGeekess

    assistance with W4 dependents and deductions. please

    This is a question to be asking your own tax professional, not on a legal board on the interwebs.
  10. TheGeekess

    Child support $$ agreement

    The State will write their own agreement about child support. You are free to return to Dad what monies you get from the State (if any) after the State is reimbursed for Medicaid and Food Stamps.
  11. TheGeekess

    Child born outside of marriage

    The law is the same for any unmarried parents. And no, father's wife has no rights to father's and side-piece's children .
  12. TheGeekess

    Repair shop is not returning my computer and phone. Both used to run my business. They contain sensitive data. Owner does not respond to calls.

    User could have also plugged an external monitor into his 'expensive Asus laptop' and continued to use it to work with/backup files/whatever else needed to be done. It also serves as a handy diagnosis tool; if the external screen works, it is the laptop's monitor. If the external screen does...
  13. TheGeekess

    RN that can't find work!

    There's always Case Management.
  14. TheGeekess

    Please help, I don't know

    He can ask for a DNA test and get one.
  15. TheGeekess

    Please help, I don't know

    Yes he will get some form of custody/visitation. Yes. Maybe; hyphenated, if he presses it. No, but the mutual child will be spending time with her father at his home at some point. Once the State declares him the father, he will certainly have more rights than he does now. He can file for...
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