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Legal action against university for research misconduct and bullying

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Taxing Matters

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lol...soliciting in the US is a crime. :p
In the U.S. the term solicitor refers to "A person who seeks business or contributions from others; an advertiser or promoter." Blacks Law Dictionary, 8th Ed. Thus, pretty much all sales people are solicitors and for the most part that is not a crime. In many cities a door to door solicitor needs a local license, however.

The solicitation of prostitution is, of course, illegal in most of the U.S. It's important to specify exactly what is being solicited.


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... The barrister is easily recognizable in court because, like the judges, they wear wigs and robes in court ... the US ditched the English tradition of lawyers wearing wigs and robes in court ..
Of course, wearing wigs saves on the cost of hair cuts and wearing robes means you can wear pajamas to work. I see advantages. :)


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The U.S. adopted a system in which the role of solicitor and barrister were combined; for that reason the terms solicitors and barristers no longer are used here ...
Yet we have a United States Solicitor General, who, from what I understand, represents the US government in front of the Supreme Court. I'm wondering why that title is used.


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Of course, wearing wigs saves on the cost of hair cuts
Except the wigs cost like several grand and the whole costume is so expensive and burdensome that it is real barrier to entering the profession, especially in commonwealth countries, which predictably suffer from a resultant shortage of barristers.

Taxing Matters

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Yet we have a United States Solicitor General, who, from what I understand, represents the US government in front of the Supreme Court. I'm wondering why that title is used.
The Office of the Solicitor General does indeed represent the United States in argument before the U.S. Supreme Court. Any of the attorneys of that office may appear; it is not always the actual Solicitor General himself that appears. The use of that term dates back to the founding of our Republic. a few states had followed the federal government in appointing solicitors general, too, and in the last decade that has actually expanded as states have found it fashionable to have that.

There are a few local jurisdictions, mostly in states that were originally British colonies, who refer to their city attorneys as solicitors too.

Fun fact: it used to be many decades ago that all attorneys arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court had to wear "morning clothes", a type of pre-evening formal wear with a coat with tails, striped pants, and a vest. While private attorneys no longer have that requirement, it is still required for attorneys from the Solicitor General's office when arguing in the Supreme Court. The one exception was Elena Kagan, the Solicitor General under Obama before she was elevated as a justice to the Supreme Court. She was the only female Solicitor General and she opted not to wear that attire when she personally argued cases before the court.


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We had a judge here that was was an avid Deer hunter and would often hunt before an after court. More than once he had hunting camo on under his robes. A there were a couple of Monday court sessions when he was ripe.

He was also one of the smartest and nicest people I have ever met.


I am an ex-employee of one of the top universities in the UK. A few months ago, I raised an official complaint against three senior members of staff for research misconduct and harassment. I have a very strong evidence so the university was obliged to open an official investigation. Since then the university purposefully delayed the investigation and broke its own guidelines and those of the UKRI.

I want to take a legal action against the university, but I do not know what type of law this will go under and what type of law firms I need to get in touch with. Any help will be very appreciated.

Reading THIS POST/question is like seeing a mirror image of what I've been going through in the USA. #YINYANG
Whatever You do, save copies of everything, scan everything, organize documents as it occurs, keep a calendar diary of who-what-when, make a list of what lawyers you contact and when... GOOGLE SCHOLAR searches USA casefiles - I don't know about UK.
There is also casetext.com - it's probably only USA also?? There's bound to be something comparable for UK??
Whatever You do, get on it - and document everything. #GoodLuck ...and save the envelopes too, for date proof.
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