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Malicious Mother Syndrome...

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Senior Member, Non-Attorney
I didn't see anywhere that you are concerned for the health or well-being of the child, although you do mention several times that you want the woman back who was your wife before the child was born. Do you have any evidence that shows that kiddo is in some sort of danger?


Obvious Observer
Yes court is court this is not Court I am candid outside of court inside of course I know how to behave myself this does not worry me what worries me is the damage she is doing to our son and cannot see how it is hurting him.

We have no law school anywhere near. and I'll remind you this is not a legal document here to use voice to text on legal documents voice-to-text is not the greatest thing in the world but I'm tired of typing with my thumbs currently and the lack of parenting time does not override the fact that the status quo has my address where he's lived his entire life as a place of residence in the order the order States the place of residence is here in Medford Oregon not Klamath Falls Oregon. Indian all mention of parenting time7 was in the expert a person that got dismissed so I have what I have on these set of quot the judge will have to set up a parenting time or temporary custody when we see MX I don't know if I can file a parenting time in this time now this is all pre-judgement her and I have absolutely equal full custody to that child so she need to abide by the status quo and bring him back here to this address address is listed and stop hiding him away from me and blocking him from talking to me the Bedtime calls one thing that's just what her lawyer said to appease me but they're still stopping me from physically seeing him I seen him once in two months and that's because I went over there and her parents had to let me in to see him she's also in violation of letting me know when he goes to a doctor letting me know what she's doing for trying to get him in the preschool letting me know anything about him doing thing I get its talk to him before bedtime I try to say anything to her she probably hangs up to call is it judge lets her get away with all this and I don't get anything out of it that's going to be a really screwed-up situation because she wrongly took him from me hide it from me planning on never bring him back to me I file the paperwork I have to do all this work and then she gets the win what's the point she's doing things wrong as far as proofreading I run everything through the facilitators office I know you're not being mean and trying to help but I'm extremely tired using voice to text and inform like this I speak and see I'm I am capable of speaking professional I've been management many jobs that I got I know how to act in court this is not Court in talking to you and some people not you something for giving me things that I really kind of irritating me because making no more than what they're talking about because I've been glued to the internet finding what I can for the last couple months and I am literally tired of this whole situation and the fact she keeps getting away with doing things wrong and I'm trying to do everything right so I hope I can get representation through the Everglades or not I'm absolutely screwed or nope or 12 on them but they're only logical to too far away and there's apparently is no people or organizations that receive will give the money to help people in need like this if there are and you know how to please let me know but until then I've got no hope for everything I am my own litigator up against this jackass cocky lawyer and I don't know if I'm filing things right or if I'm even filing the right things because the facilitators office cannot tell me what to fill out or fill this one instead of this one or anything like that so I just have to go with what I am told that I need to get
My head hurts.

You come across as a very thoughtless person.

If you want people to be helpful, you should be more respectful of their time, and type carefully - slowly and concisely.

And yes, that is legal advice.


Active Member
Having now gone through all of your posts on all three threads, I suspect that there is much more behind the situation with your stbx. Whatever it may be, I just hope the little boy comes through unscathed.
Yeah well, his mother is and has been causing him emotional harm the past 8 weeks. She has already made to where he is not unscathed.

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