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Need advice on traffic ticket

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What is the name of your state? NY

I started a new thread because the other one was before I went to court and since I already went I need to change the question somewhat.

I got a speeding ticket going 46mph in a 30mph zone. I went to court and the A.D.A. wasn't there and I don't believe the officer was either. So I asked the judge to let me speak to the A.D.A. before I plead guilty or not guilty. I want to know what to say to reduce the charge or drop it altogether. I am now supposed to call the A.D.A. or write a letter.

I think I'm supposed to return to court later but I'm not sure until I find out will happen with the charge. The guy after me had a speeding ticket going 58mph in a 35mph and the cop dropped it to a lower violation, I wish they did that for me.

Thanks for the help in advance. Someone tell me what to do.


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"I think I'm supposed to return to court later"

You need to call the clerk of court and find out.

"I am now supposed to call the A.D.A. or write a letter."

OK. Then that is what you are supposed to do.

"Someone tell me what to do."

Offer your first born as sacrifice.

Joking aside, this is just a minor traffic ticket so don't get all bent out of shape. Call and see if you are eligible for traffic school or a deferment program. If not then ask for a reduction. Tell him you appeared in court but the officer did not show. Did you make a motion that the case be dismissed?


Thanks.....here's more info

I am supposed to return to court on Nov. 20th. I think that's only if I don't get the charges dropped though. The main reason I am asking for advice is so that my insurance won't go up. I don't care too much if I have to pay any fines, I just don't want it on my record. The officer that gave me the fine might have been there but she walked in at the last second and I didn't get her name because I was the first one to go up, so I'm not sure if it was her. I did not ask to dismiss the charge because I have no idea what to say and what not to say, I don't want to tick off the judge with my incompetence.


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Go to the library & get a copy of How to Fight Your Traffic Ticket & Win. This will at least give you some vague idea of what's going on before you commit yourself to anything.


any other advice

Anyone else got any decent advice? I read a report about checking the road I was on and see if there was a speed survey done and that it could be to my advantage.

But I still have to contact the A.D.A. and I don't know what to say. Someone give me some advice besides going to the library. I don't have a lot of time to run to the library and hope they have any books relating to what I need (it's a very very small library)


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