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Problem with neighbors and their alnight parties

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Like the saying goes" All good things most come to an end" Crap! The neighbor was camping this weekend, now he is back! I will still hope for the best tonight.


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smart choices

The thing is, make smart choices; not choices out of anger, but choices out of wisdom! What I mean by this is be able to back yourself up. For instance, if you have a video camera, walk out in plain view of the neighbors partying after 10:00 P.M. (WHEN MOST AREAS HAVE TO BE QUIET) and video tape their behavior and noise. If possible, tape the mother being around them while doing so... it makes a better case. This way, you can go directly to the police station and show them the tape and tell them what you are being subjected to and state that if they knowing ignore this, you will go to the newstation and tell them your story about how the police won't help you. You also have the tape to prove that the other kids were drinking and the parent can actually be sued by other parents for contributing to their alcohol consumption by knowingly ignoring the fact that under age drinking is going on on her property. I would want to know if my children were being allowed to drink at someone's house. I have four kids, three of them being teenage girls and I would never allow such behavior out of them! Of course, I try to keep a sense of faith in the Lord in them and so far, even though they aren't perfect, my kids have made the right decisions... Another thing you can do is post spot lights pointing straight at them that shine VERY brightly onto them when they are doing this partying. And, very early in the morning starting doing something, like mowing the yard or playing your stereo very loudly and let them get a taste of their own medicine and see what it's like to be totally annoyed beyond belief! I had this problem with my neighbors to the right side of me whenever they first moved in and one day I explaing to the wife how angry it made me and how I seriously considered posting spot lights and doing the exact things I suggested to you. I them explained to her that I meant them no harm, but I needed sleep and so did my children. I explained to her that I was trying to be Christian about this, but my flesh was angry and I apologized that I let my anger get the best of me, but they really weren't trying to "party to theirselves". After this conversation, believe it or not, they settled down a whole lot, then eventually quite all together. I did noticw, however, that I became consumed by their noise and therefore with my anger. I heard things I wouldn't have usually heard because I was "listening" for them to mess up. That has a way of taking you over and no one can be happy.
Thanks for the advice sleepless, I also had thought about video taping them. I have takin pictures with a camera of my yard where they have rode their dirtbikes.I couldn't believe it! I watched the deputy make the kids all underage dump their beer in the fire, then he went and talked to the mother. He came to my house and proceeded to tell me that " Oh everything is ok, they have agreed to go inside and be quiet now." This was 1:00 am in the morning! I found out later that, that deputy works with my next door neighbor's daughter who is a jailer. Her parent's are freinds with this boys mother. I reported what happened to the sherriff and he stated that he would check in to it.
I also know how anger can overcome a person in a situation like this, but I have managed so far to keep my cool. When you have young children who are being effected by this, keeping your cool is even harder.


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do it the legal way

I know, I have four kids, and my neighbors are causing caos with this new easemnet we gave so they could move onto the property. It's been pure heck, but as long as you go by the law and collect enough evidence then your butt is covered! Trust me-- video tape them and threaten the police to bring up a lawsuit on them and go to the news.. something should be done. The spotlight is a real good idea. It gives them a taste of their own medicine. Get out there and mow the yard at 5:30 in the morning! Send them a certified letter stating that you have been advised to ask them by mail to stop all of their underage partying after hours before you file a lawsuit against them. Bluff your way through-- it may actually work!


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I was told by a deputy that it doesn't hurt a person mentally to not have enough sleep at night. Can you beleive that!
Yeah, it wouldn't hurt him mentally because he doesn't have a brain.


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Poster, have you actually spoken to a SUPERIOR in the local police department, not a street cop? Have you called and gone to the top over there and expressed your concerns that your complaints are being IGNORED? That your right to quiet enjoyment of your home is being infringed upon? Have you spoken to your alderman/common council member about the problem and the unresponsiveness of the police?
Problem With Neighbor's and their allnight parties:

He not only doesn't have a brain, but he was very rude to us. I'v talk to the sherriff concerning this matter before till I'm blue in the face. See, my next door neighbor's daughter who lives on the other side of us works as a jailer at the county jail. How someone like her got that job I'll never know, the girl has a big problem with lieing! Anyway her parents are friends with the neighbors who have the parties.The deputy who came to our house is a freind of hers. I would say this is why the underaged kids only had to dump the beer out and the mother got away with allowing this to go on.The sherriff told me that I needed proof, so that night when I saw the deputy making the kids dump their beer out, I thought I had the proof ( wrong ) ! I found out later from someone we know who also works their that the deputy and the girl next door are good buddies.
I again called the sherriff and told him what happened and he said he would check into it. It's been three weeks since and haven't heard a thing! You heard that saying that (it's all about who you know) well we feel like if we don't know anyone in the sherriffs office then it's a lost cause.Also the girl and her parents,whom I might add like to brag about who they know helped with our new sherriffs campain to get him elected .So my other neighbors feel that they are some kind of god now, and can get anything done right or wrong. Actually they are proving that. When I call the sherriff they will hear it on the scanner and tell the other neighbor kids with the parties, that the law is coming. I know though that if this was going on at the house on the other side of them, they would be the first to call the law.I read in the paper where a man was arrested and facing serious charges because he allowed under age drinking to go on in his home, and a kid died from alcahol poisoning. I guess the mother is to stupid to think that something like that could happen to her!
Problem with the neighbors and their allnight parties:

I may call the local juvenile office, and see what they say. My daughters boyfriend went over their the other night to talk to a boy about a motor. He told my that their were 12 and 13 year old girls over there drunk on their butts in the basement, and the mother was upstairs. My daughter's boyfriend is 21 and doesn't care for drinking, he found it to be a discusting situation.
The parents of those kids and the kids going to the partys are idiots. Personally if the police haven't done anything I would be calling the local news on your side people. Have you spoken to an attorney?
oh and just in case those parents don't know any kid who gets injured on their property while drunk can be sued by the parents of the drunk kid. Bad BAD things can happen to stupid drunk 12 and 13 year old girls. AND YES (at least in my state) if that happens to someones daughter on thier property while they were condoning and assisting in underage drinking they can be sued. They can also be sued if some underage kid gets drunk on thier property and leaves and gets hurt. They provided the alcohol. Which is against the law. There are so many legal things that they can be sued for it is insane. They need to thank thier stars that nobody has been hurt yet and wake up. They are not doing these kids a favor by being the "cool parents" who let them and help them get drunk.
Problem with neighbors allnight parties:

I called junenile, that was a joke! She said she would talk to the sherriff about this and have him call me, well noones called.This mother does not care.She lays around drunk herself will it's going on.A kid that I talked to who use to hang around over there told me that he went down in the basement and a girl and boy were going at it sexually while other kids watched.This didn't surprise me because several years ago my kids and her son were in the back yard playing, but ended up fighting. I hollered at my kids and hers to stop. Her son goes in the house and later hollers at me and says you suck( my kids name's} dick. I was one upset mother,I told my kids to get in the house. The mother comes to my door and asks me if I heard what my kids were saying to her kid,I said yes because I was sitting on the back porch. I then told her what her son said to me, she laughed and said she told him to say that! I was so mad I chased her back into her yard, she then pulled down her pants infront of me and my kids who were under 10 years old and mooned us. My son told me afew years later that one time he was over at this kids house, and his mother laid on the bed with only her underwear on and had them throw stuffed animals at her. So I beleive that just about anything could be going on over there. She doesn't care at all!
problems with the neighbors alnight parties:

I haven't talked to an attorney yet,I don't know really if they could even help me I live in Missouri I'm not up on Missouri laws concerning neighbors and this situation. Does anyone else no anything about the laws here? Thanks alot for all the suport, boy do I need it!
problems with neighbors allnight parties:

What area of practice should I look for when finding an attorney for a situation like this? I have had cancer off and on during the summer months these past four years, and it's been hell dealing with this and my cancer. A couple of summers ago I came home from work feeling really sick and the boys had started to ride their dirtbikes. I went outside and asked them nicely if they could please not ride them for awhile because my two year old and I were taking a nap.They stoped for about ten minutes and started back up again. I went outside and one of the other boys saw me and told the neighbor boy not to put the bike up because his mom said they could ride it anyway. I asked them again to not ride it for awhile and one of the boys said to me " mind your own bussiness B_ _CH"! I wish I could sue her for all the hell they have put my family and I through!
my sympathy

Please read the post I just put up. i have the same situation. My children are 6 and 3 and the neighbor across the street has friends over at all times of the day and night. It never stops.

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