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Retaliation and harassment

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Obvious Observer
Actually, Vertigo is a condition which needs further tests to reach a diagnosis.
In other words, it is a SYMPTOM.

You did not say that you felt light headed or dizzy and went to a clinic. You said you went to a clinic and they "diagnosed" you as being dizzy.

Sick days are the right of every employee under the law. Go read your states laws on sick days before posting answers you have no knowledge about. Whether it's paid or unpaid is different from state to state but taking a sick day is a legal right as an employee! I'm shocked how many of y'all do know your own rights! Maybe that's why people are so quick to give up their rights these days! So sad!

You accrue 1 hour of paid sick leave per 30 hours worked, up to 48 hours a year. It's at the employer's discretion to "loan" you sick time pending you working long enough to accrue a whole work day. Assuming a 40 hour work week, how have you accrued 8 hours in under a month?

You deserve to be fired due to your horrible taste in shoes. And you won't get unemployment because you have not worked long enough.


Obvious Observer
I started on 10/18/21 and am in training for 10-12 weeks but have been repeatedly belittled when I ask questions.
Irrelevant. There's no law saying your boss has to be pleasant. Maybe this is his training style.

on 11/19 at 3:30 AM emailed my manager that I needed to take a sick day and my manager responsded to that by saying I needed to take 4 unpaid days off to determine if I wanted to work there and if I decided that I did want to that they would require a dr. note for all sick days!
He's unimpressed with your performance thus far. This is not harassment or retaliation. This is a boss dealing with an employee that is not making the job a priority on a good day.

He is giving you time to quit or prove that your lousy work ethic is because you're actually deathly ill.

A compliance officer advised me to send them the fact sheet for HFWA and so I also pointed out how the law went into effect on1/1/21 so they were in violation for not notifying employees who work in Colorado of their rights but now I'm being asked to meet certain metrics that are unreasonable or attainable given that I haven't completed training.
You don't understand the fact sheet, just as you weren't catching on during training. That's why your boss made belittling comments. I wish I felt the freedom to be so blunt with some of the idiots I work with.

I have documentation, screen shote and activity reports showing that I'm performing in line with other new employees and emailed them pointing out that these metrics are unfair and I feel as tho it is in retaliation for pointing out their violations but wondering how I would prove discrimination and since now i've been threatened with termination 3 times now if certain metrics arent met would disqualify me for unemployment if they do end up terminating my employment.
You started less than 2 months ago.

You seem very entitled. Is this your first real job?

I've already filed a retaliation complaint with CDOL and spoke with a lawyer but I am not in a place financially to be left without any income...
And there's the rub.

I suggest you listen to "Workin' For A Livin'" by Huey Lewis and the News a few dozen times. In particular, take to heart the refrain: "I'm taking what they're giving 'cause I'm working for a living."

Hint: if a lawyer doesn't take your case on a contingency basis...


I know nothing about this specific state, but there are many states and localities that have NO sick leave laws beyond FMLA, which the OP would not be eligible for anyway.....

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