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    Making a giant leap wihtout supporting facts.

    What is the name of your state? Pennsylvania (but federal statements) In another thread it was suggested that FRE 408 could be used as the basis of one party offering a check and the statement "Now we're even" to prove liability on the part of one party in a dispute if the check was, in fact...
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    Marital Support and anullment

    What is the name of your state? Post was from MISSOURI I don't know why the question and answers were deleted, but I did more research on the post of the woman who was divorced in 2001 with a spousal maintenance (modifiable) from Missouri, remarried in 2003 in kansas and subsequently had that...
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    ANYONE having or knowing of Charmed's request for PMs and the purpose of those PMs please contact Mary (the administrator) of this site. ANY legal advice she gives should also be reported to the administrator immediately.
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    Michigan and the 14th Amendment

    What is the name of your state? Michigan Since JROSE36 doesn't seem to care about the consequences of her lying to child and biological father, I thought i'd pull up a few homemade bisquits, hunks of pepperjack cheese, a little creamery butter and a few slabs of roast and explain why Michigan...
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    being sent home from work....california

    What is the name of your state? ca Referenced post (kalen): https://forum.freeadvice.com/showthread.php?t=348166 Since this poster didn't feel like answering the questions posted, I'll answer them (or try to) for those reading his post. There is NO LAW in California which requires an employer...
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    nrakk81 why did you close your thread?

    because what you were told is a pile of crap.
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    RE: Pregnant, not married, problems with dad

    RE: Pregnant, not married, problems with dad Dear Mary; Bless you child. There will be a special little present in your stocking this Christmas for locking this thread....(as soon as I can squeeze into that damn THONG!!!) Scruffy
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    Nemo, why did you close your thread?

    if you want an answer then repost.
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    dgarcia22 why did you close your thread?

    I was answering when you closed.
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    AZIAN72 Response to your closed thread

    The only answer to your questions are the following: File for a no contact order. have it served on him and make sure it stipulates he is to stay 500 yards away and have no personal and/or electronic contact. THEN file for legal custody and support. Although you do not have to have an...
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    Ashlee, GrowUp! and Bad_Apple_1983

    What is the name of your state? exhasperation! I would stronly suggest you all take stock of your responses lately and the effect they have on this forum. And I also stronly suggest you consider whether or not you wish to continue here. If you've been here any length of time you may have...
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    cmy1129's closed post

    What is the name of your state? TENNESSEE I have been in contact with Ms. Bell in Knoxville and I will be forwarding the e-mails to Mary.
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    mary closed the thread before I could answer you and I do NOT want false understandings to be left from this thread. First, the original poster can't terminate the rights of the father. She has no legal standing to do anything as the stepmother. Only the court, on it's own motions or on...
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    Although I can agree to a point, there is no requirement that the tests be taken at any ONE location. and regardless, nothing discussed here is relevant to the contempt of a court order. Our poster knew of the requirements, Or legally should have known, and had ample time to seek either a...
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    Family1st: closed thread

    What is the name of your state? oblivion The point that you and the others did not speak about is the controlling issue in this debate. If there is a current parenting plan in place9as you said) and it does not specifically mention private schooling, then the child MUST be enrolled in public...

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