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    Can I be forced so sign something under penalty of perjury after my job ends?

    Your repeated use of the phrase "made every effort to comply" leads me to believe that you have not complied, but have some reason/excuse as to why. This is a yes/no question: Have you complied with the companies (sp) requirements?
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    Can I be forced so sign something under penalty of perjury after my job ends?

    I would ask for money in exchange for signing their letter, but that's just me.
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    Landlord entering my room and unpluging my TV

    If this was my place, I'd call the police and report a breaking and entering.
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    Ignoring an injunction

    File an emergency motion for sanctions and contempt of court. Attach a list of the dates and times of each truck passing.
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    Need advice about my divorce/immigration situation

    When did you get your green card?
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    Coronavirus Incident Deliberately Caused by Supermarket Employee and Public Humiliation By Supermarket Director Do I Have a Case?

    From what you've written, you have no damages, so have no grounds to sue. You can't successfully for what could have happened. If you've contracted Covid-19, and can prove that you contracted it from this individual, then you should talk to an attorney.
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    Applying for a visa while already in the US as a tourist?

    Entering the United States on a non-immigrant visa with the intent to immigrate is fraud. Find another way
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    Denied firearm purchase for 2010 restraining order

    That’s what I was pointing out. It wasn’t clear from your posts that you understood that. All is well now.
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    Denied firearm purchase for 2010 restraining order

    You should really study up on the issue. For example, see State v. Gianquitti, 22 A. 3d 1161 - RI: Supreme Court 2011 ( https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=10878005712378358205 )
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    Denied firearm purchase for 2010 restraining order

    You should be aware that you are generally not permitted to use deadly force to protect property. You can only use deadly force to protect yourself or others from imminent serious injury or death. You may also have a duty to retreat. You might want to investigate defensive weapons like stun...
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    Violating no contact order

    Get a lawyer. I also suggest you stop posting admissions to violating court orders.
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    Property tax unpaid

    There's a reason they call our state "Taxachusetts". Your best bet is to contact a city or town elected official. The tax man doesn't care about anything but collecting money, and has no reason to reduce the bill. You should also check with your mortgage company to see if (a) they were...
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    Fed ex misdelivered overnighted dog meds

    You didn't mention what state you are in, so I'll respond with the generally accepted common law. The controlling case is Hadley v. Baxendale, The Court of Exchequer (England), (1854). In short, Hadley contracted with Baxendale to make a delivery on a certain date. Baxendale failed to make the...

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