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    wont give my dog back

    1) Just because the dog was given to you does not mean the dog does not have a value. Pick a number and sue for that. 2) An action to return property is called replevin. In the old days, a court of equity would hear an action for replevin, and a court of law would hear an action for conversion...
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    P.O Issued No Contact Order

    In my state, a probation officer cannot issue conditions. Only a judge can issue those conditions.
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    5th Amendment + University

    The police can lie to you to trick you into a confession.
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    Out of State Subpoena

    What do you mean by the bolded "but now they got Indiana in it"? Have you received a subpoena from an Indiana court? If so, it's probably best you obey it. The prosecutor's statement that she had jurisdiction over you may be a violation of Rule 4.1 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct...
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    urgent help needed!!

    Maybe yes. Maybe no. 15b is pretty technical, and it would take too much time to ask all the required questions for me to guess as to whether you're liable for treble damages. You'll need to discuss with your attorney anyway.
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    Credit Card vs Collector

    Take your monthly payments and put them aside. In February, when you have all the money, call them up and offer to pay the balance of the $7K you agreed to.
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    Stay of Proceeding a month before a three-wee trial was scheduled, is it just?

    What damages did the defendant suffer during said period?
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    Sales manager got wrong payoff value, now I'm being held responsible

    Gather up your paperwork and set up a consultation with a lawyer. There are a lot of possibilities, including rescission.
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    urgent help needed!!

    There's no doubt in my mind that it's gauriagrawal's case. I edited post #15, as the names are not similar. They are identical. Unfortunately, the Metro South Housing Court does not scan in the complaint, otherwise I could tell what it was all about. the Central Housing Court scans in the...
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    urgent help needed!!

    Fighting an aggressive tenant's rights attorney will get expensive fast. If the tenant's lawyer thinks he'll prevail, there's no reason to hold down billable hours. The landlord will end up paying the tenant's lawyer in most cases.
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    urgent help needed!!

    Housing Court has a small claims session and a civil session. This action was filed in the civil session.
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    urgent help needed!!

    As an update, I found a complaint with your name in masscourts. It appears the complaint was filed 11/4/19. Plaintiffs are J.M. and K.M. Attorney is A.S. It does not appear to be in small claims. I suggest you hire an attorney.
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    urgent help needed!!

    go to www.masscourts.org and search for the your name or the docket number A complaint does not contain any evidence. The complaint is an allegation. Nothing would be submitted to the court unless it was also sent to you You need to file an answer with the court and send a copy to the attorney...
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    Legal to give OK sign to cops?

    Don't try it in Brazil.
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