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    Employer Withholding Paycheck Until Stolen Equipment is Returned/Paid For

    I'm not so sure that an employee can be held accountable for theft of company equipment while same is entrusted to them unless that was agreed in advance .
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    KY changed its laws about July 2018 to create a presumption of joint custody ...all beyond my skills...but may well allow for Dad to held in contempt if he fails to step up to place for his designated portion of custody
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    Habitual failure to complete assigned daily tasks

    The concept of an " untouchable " is not limited to public sector ...some private sector employers come darn close ....and I have seen workers with negative work output clog up the system until some manager really got creative about an exit .and some of the negative value staff was on the...
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    Getting security deposit back in court.

    You got scammed ? DId she send you a bad check? IF a supposed LL refuses to share the terms of the supposed lease deal then it sure seems to me ( as an old retired LL) then there never was a meeting of the minds to create a contract agreement....the two of you at best agreed to agree. ...
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    I think a video record makes a lot of sense and saves some future debates IF the leases have a surcharge for pets and you are ducking same , you don't exactly hold the high moral road?
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    You chose to make a baby with him and odds are you knew darn well his abusive behavior and booze abuse well in advance ....and odds are he will never live up to your current standards ! It is unlikely can force him to exercise visitation ...however you might revisit the order to add payment for...
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    Best form for tax-exempt crowd-fund for whistleblower awards

    As an aside. $1 million in an interest bearing account may be a hyper conservative way to hold the funds . And I 'm not sure that to disable the donation mechanism makes sense nor that such a low individual cap makes sense . Absent debate over UBIT , since when does an exempt entity pay...
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    Employer Withholding Paycheck Until Stolen Equipment is Returned/Paid For

    . The employer is not entitled to a unilateral deduction from wages for equipment unless you advance authorized same in writing . For a large check it may make sense to consider a civil court case due to the 3 x feature ...but I suggest you review same with labor law counsel of your choice...
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    STBX wants to file stipulation regarding martial home buy-out

    Obviously the best resource as to your presence in home is your attorney ...if if she or he advises to back off until the order is final I'd do so in a heat beat . You sure as heck do NOT want to provide your STBX an excuse to claim DV or Reconciliation.
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    IN. CA. probate case im personal rep. I have a will that refrence a trust that trust is but the property some land is not in the trust and its out of

    You may need to open probate in CA if that's where decedent was a resident , then open ancillary probate in CO.
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    Does the owner have a right to a key for thier commercial property?

    I don't know why you need an attorney to get a key...just figure out the mechanics of same . If the closing is a done deal, you were super unwise to not confirm that the place was empty and brook clean a few hours before closing . Personally I would be there to secure access , take pictures...
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    STBX wants to file stipulation regarding martial home buy-out

    Be careful....she may be able,to change her mind about anything prior to entryof the judgement and may have a modest appeal window even after it is entered ...I sure hope you are using counsel. I'd be real nervous about de facto exclusive use if you are not there at least from time to time...
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    You are both likely to be wrong ....many a parent has a changing work schedule ...and I would suggest both of you bend over backwards to make visitation work. and picking up a child at 5 :30 or 6 pm is no big deal... DAd is wrong about CS issues . PS if you quit your job to have more stable...
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    Landlord destroyed property

    Would not matter if LL merely improperly trashed $1.5 k of stuff ..so far it reads like LL is 100% o n wrong side of rules .
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    Father has ex-girlfriend named as beneficiary in a life insurance policy

    Why do you care if somebody is paying on a policy on dads life and is the listed benificary ? And as asked above...when was policy purchased and add when was beneficiary changed and when was dad found to be incompetent ?

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